How Property Owners can help

Owners and managers of property in Liberty and Gadsden counties in Florida, and in Decatur County, Georgia, can help to save the Florida Torreya tree. If your land is in one of these counties and is within the Apalachicola River watershed, or has bluffs or ravines, you may have Torreya trees. You can help by determining whether you have Torreyas using one of the methods listed below or, if you already know of Torreyas on your property, reporting them to the Program Manager.

If you do have Torreya trees, we can advise on best practices for protecting and managing them. Your trees may be useful in a breeding program so that one day healthy trees can be reintroduced into their native habitat. Even if you don’t have Torreya trees, your property may be useful for out-planting experiments with Torreya seeds or seedlings raised in the off-site safeguarding collection managed by Atlanta Botanical Garden. Contact the Program Manager if interested.

Potential distribution of wild Torreya taxifolia


Do your own or request a survey

Landowners can look for Torreyas themselves and take observations with a smartphone app.

Alternatively, TorreyaKeepers can do the field work for you, at your request. There is no charge for this service.


Best Management Practices

Learn what you can do to protect your trees and manage their habitat.