Torreya Surveys - DIY or get help

Do your own survey: landowners as citizen scientists

Do you have wild Florida Torreya trees on your property, or think you might? Join iNaturalist and submit your observations to our project. We will verify your sightings using your photos.

How your data will be used

Your Florida Torreya tree locations are automatically obscured in iNaturalist. Scientists will use the data you collect for Torreya conservation programs. If healthy, resilient trees are found, genetic material could be used in a breeding program. Wild trees found in new areas and wild seeds could help increase the genetic diversity of the off-site safeguarding populations managed by Atlanta Botanical Garden.

iNaturalist data is safe and secure, with precise location data available only to Project managers with the Florida Native Plant Society. Prior to viewing or sampling any tree on private land, the landowner will be contacted for consent.

Download the iNaturalist app and create an account

iNaturalist is a free download available for both Android and iOS devices. Search for iNaturalist in your device's app store. Once downloaded and opened, the app will prompt you to create an account. You can create an account using your email address and creating a new password, or you can authenticate using Google or Facebook. Remember how you did this, you will need this for the next step.

Log in to iNaturalist on your desktop or laptop computer

Visit and log in using the email address + password, Google account, or Facebook account that you used to create an account on your phone or tablet. One you've successfully logged in, go to the TorreyaKeepers project and join the project.

Please allow us to see the location of your points. To do so, please select one of the two 'Yes' radio buttons. and then join the project.

Add Your Florida Torreya to iNaturalist (and the TorreyaKeepers project)

Go back to your phone or tablet and find the Torreya tree(s). Turn on your location, open up the app, and then add a new observation - select 'take a photo' and then tap your camera button to take a photo of the Torreya tree.

Once you're a project member and have given us the ability to see your Torreya tree locations, you can keep entering your trees and they will be automatically added to the project.

Invite TorreyaKeepers to survey

Would you like to know if Florida Torreya trees grow on your property, but don’t have the time to survey yourself, don’t have a smartphone, or are not sure how to identify the trees? Or maybe you have seen trees in the past but no longer have good mobility? TorrreyaKeepers would be happy to survey your ravines for you. This is a free service. Contact the Program Manager for more information or to request a survey.